Services We Offer

Mowing, Edging, Leaf Removal


We have top of the line Honda 21 inch mowers. We also use large rider mowers.

Trim Shrubs and Hedges


We have lots of experience trimming both hedges and shrubs. We also specialize in Arborviteas

Aeration/ Dethatching


Aeration is reccomended on ALL LAWNS every year!

Dethatching is as needed. 

Spread/ Haul Barkdust or Gravel


We can haul bark and gravel in our own dumper truck. 

Yard Clean-ups & Weed control


Yard cleanups are year around and willgetyour yard on track.. We offer round-up for our weed control.

Pressure Washing and more!


Let us help you pressure wash your driveway or walkway... Any concrete areas like a back patio..

We always try to provide any kind of service that is requested. PLEASE ASK US!